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Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

Topo vision at Singla Eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, kotkapura, Punjab
Better COLOR VISION with Topo lasik at Singla Eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, kotkapura, Punjab

Most patients reported better color vision WITH Topo Vision then normal Lasik or Bladeless Lasik

Better NIGHT VISION with topo vision at Singla Eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, kotkapura, Punjab

Most patients reported better Night Vision with Topo Vision then normal Lasik or Bladeless Lasik

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pRSn1. topo ivzn hI ikauN? 


AYnkW qoN  mukqI + p`Drw kornIAw + ingHw dI au`qm kuAwltI jo hY lyisk Aqy blyflYs lyisk qoN ibhqr

topo ivzn AYnkW auqwrn dw AwDuink ielwj hY[ jdoN ik lyisk Aqy blyflYs lyisk kyvl AYnk dw nMbr auqwrdy hn, topo ivzn ie`k kdm A`gy jWdI hY! AYnk dw nMbr k`Fx qoN bwAd topo ivzn kornIAw nUM p`Dr vI krdI hY[ ijs kwrn ingHw dI au`qm kuAwltI bxdI hY Aqy rwq dI ingHw Aqy rMgdwr ingHw vDIAw bxdI hY[ 


Topo Vision is the second generation correction for specs removal. While procedures like LASIK and BLADELESS LASIK only correct specs power, Topo Vision goes one step further! In addition to correcting your specs power, Topo Vision also corrects your corneal irregularities while working on Visual axis, thereby providing much sharper visual outcomes, unmatched by LASIK & Femto Lasik. It also provides good night vision and colour vision. 

pRSn2. topo ivzn dy kI Pwiedy hn? 

What are the advantages of TOPO VISION ?

  • AYnkW qoN  mukqI

  • bhuq su`riKAq ielwj 

  • blyf rihq

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  • dwKlw rihq



  • Topo Vision has high safety in specs removal procedures.

  • Also Topo Vision has the following advantages:

  • Blade – Less

  • Pain – Less

  • Stitch – Less

  • No Injections

  • No Bandage

  • No Hospitalization

  • Walk in – Walk Out Specs Free

pRSn2. topo ivzn kIs Dwrxw qy ADwirq hY? 

What is Concept of  TOPO VISION ?


kornIAw nUM p`Drw krnw-

mx lvo ik AwpW hYlIkwptr au`pr jw rhy hW Aqy AwpW in`cy dyKdy hW qW AwpW nUM kIqy phwV idsdy hn Aqy kIqy ndIAW[ mqlb DrqI p`Dr nhI huMdI, DrqI au`cI invIN huMdI hY[ iesnUM DrqI dI topogRwPI kihMdy hn[ ausy qrW A`K dw kornIAw vI kIqy au`cw Aqy kIqy nIvW huMdw hY iesnUM kornIAw dI topogRwPI kihMdy hn[ ijsdI imnqI Topo analyzer  ATLAS 9000  nwl kIqI jWdI hY[ aus duAwrw bxwey gey mYp muqwibk Excimer Laser MEL 90 kornIAw au`pr Pwier kr kornIAw dy au`cy ihisAW nUM invW kr idMdI hY Aqy kornIAw p`Dr ho jWdw hY ijs kwrn ingHw bhuq hI vDIAw ho jWdI hY[

Let us suppose we are going on a helicopter ride and we look down then we see Topography of the earth. Which means at some places there are mountains ( surface is elevated) and some places there are river (surface is depressed). It means earth surface is not smooth. In the same way the cornea is elevated at some points and depressed at some points. Topo Vision with a special Topo analyzer  ATLAS 9000 is able to map and remove corneal irregularities by marking Thousand’s of  unique elevation points on the cornea. The Excimer Laser MEL 90 fires according to the report of ATLAS 9000 and flattens all the elevated points on the cornea. This is able to create an optically perfect smooth surface of cornea, thereby highly enhancing visual sharpness and quality.

pRSn3. topo ivzn dw kI ieqhws hY Aqy iesdw ivkws ikvyN hoieAw? 

History of Topo Vision – How it was developed?


ingHw nUM TIk krn dIAW koSISW sdIAW qoN cl rhIAW hn[AYnkW dw AivSkwr 13vIN sdI iv`c  iv`c Europe hoieAw sI[kMntYkt lYNj dw AwivSkwr Switzerland iv`c 18vIN sdI iv`c hoieAw[ 1970 iv`c RK nwm dw ielwj rUs dy ie`k fwktr ny k`iFAw ijs ivc kornIAw qy bhuq swry brIk brIk cIry lgw ky AYnk dw nMbr auqwirAw jWdw sI[ieh ielwj kwmXwb sI pr A`K iv`c bhuq nukswn hox kwrn holI-holI bMd ho igAw[ 

1980 dy dhwky iv`c Excimer lyjr dw AwivSkwr hoieAw ijsny AYnk auqwrn dy ielwj iv`c krWqI ilAw id`qI 1990 dy dhwky iv`c Excimer lyjr nwl PRK nwmk ielwj krky AYnk auqwrn nUM US FDA ny mwnqw dy idqI[ pr PRK iv`c A`K iv`c drd Aqy v`fy nMbr auqwr pwaux dI qwkq nhI sI[20vI sdI dy pihly  dhwky iv`c MICROKERATOME dw AwivSkwr hoieAw MICROKERATOME nwl A`K au`pr ic`rw lgw ky Excimer laser nwl nMbr auqwirAw jwx ligAw[ ies ielwj nUM lyisk kihMdy sn[ ies iv`c Agly idn hI ingHw pUrI ho jWdI sI, drd nhI sI Aqy v`fy nMbr auqwry jw skdy sI[20vI sdI dy pihly dhwky dy AMq qk PYmto lyisk dw AwivSkwr hoieAw ijs nwl hux blyf nwl k`t mwrn dI loV nhI sI[ lyisk dw k`t hux lyzr nwl v`jx l`gw Aqy ies ielwj nUM AsI blyflYs jW PYmto lyjr kihx lgy[pr ienswn dI ingHw hor byhqr krn dI cwhq ie`Qy hI nhI rukI ies leI  dw AwivSkwr hoieAw Aqy topo ivjn, topo gwiefIf lyisk, topo lyisk kIqI jwx lgI ijs nwl rwq dI ingHw Aqy rMgdwr ingHw hor bihqr ho geI[pr hjy vI do kmIAW sqw rihAW sn pihlI PlYp (k`t) krky Awaux vwlI kornIAw dI kmjorI Aqy dUjI A`K iv`c KUSkI[

2016 iv`c AYnkW auqwrn dy ielwj iv`c ie`k nvIN krWqI AweI jdoN CARL ZIEES Meditech Germany ny VISUMAX SMILE LASER dw AwivSkwr kIqw[ Smile A`K dw ApRySn iblkul icrw rihq hY ijs kwrn ies iv`c PlYp kwrn hox vwlI kornIAw dI koeI kmjorI nhI huMdI Aqy A`K iv`c iblkul koeI KuSkI nhI huMdI[ ies iv`c ingHw dI kuAwltI lyisk, PYmto lyisk Aqy topo lyisk qoN vI bihqr huMdI hY[

kI ienswn AYnk auqwrn dI Koj iv`c hux ie`Qy hI ru`k jwvygw? ieh smW hI dsygw[  

Innovations in correcting vision have been around for centuries. Eyeglasses were made as early as the 13th century in Europe. Contact lenses were made in the late 1800s from hand-blown glass in Switzerland. Innovations in correcting refraction errors continued to be developed. In the 1970s, a Russian ophthalmologist developed radial keratotomy, a surgical procedure to treat short-sightedness. In RK, incisions are made with a diamond knife from the center of the cornea to the periphery to alter the cornea’s curvature. RK is still used today to treat certain types of astigmatism.
In the late 1980s, several ophthalmologists used excimer lasers to reshape the contours of a human eye. This technique, called Photorefractive Keratectomy, was approved in the early 1990s by the U.S. FDA. Since that time, PRK laser-assisted eye surgery has allowed more precise, longer-lasting corrections to refractive errors.
LASIK, which stands for laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis, has refined the techniques of RK and PRK. During LASIK surgery, a small flap of the cornea is raised to allow reshaping of the underlying corneal tissues. The flap is replaced after surgery. LASIK surgery is the most common corrective refraction surgical procedure in the world used to correct astigmatism, short-sightedness, and long-sightedness.
In 1999, doctors developed wavefront analysis, which maps the errors of a patient’s eye as a whole. The data is programmed into the laser, resulting in a customized procedure with much better results. Topo Vision builds on the principle of topography, providing a precise mapping of Thousand’s of points of the cornea. Traditional wave-front  LASIK only maps approximately 200 points of the entire eye.

In 2016 Carl Zeiss Meditec came with revolutionary new concept called VISUMAX RELEX SMILE. This technique was bladeless, flapless, painless and caused no dryness. It was the first technique which did not use Excimer laser. It was all Femto surgery.

pRSn4. kI myry SBK topo ivzn lyzr ho skdI hY?

Am I a candidate of Topo vision Lasik Laser?

hr mrIj v`Krw hY,hr A`K v`KrI hY[ies leI hr mrIj dw ivsQwr nwl topo ivzn leI cYk A`p kIqw jWdw hY[Workup iv`c mrIj dI ingHw, Pentacam nwl mrIj dy kOrnIAW dw skYn Topoanalyzer ATLAS 900 nwl kornIAw dI topogRwPI Aqy prdy dI jWc kIqI jWdI hY[jy Workup iv`c qusI pws ho, quhwfI aumr 18 swl qoN a`upr hY, ipCly 6 mhIny qoN quhwfw nMbr nhIN viDAw, A`K dw prdw shI hY, A`K iv`c koeI dwg jW koeI ibmwrI nhIN hY qW qusI lyisk lyzr leI cMgy mrIj ho[

Every Patient is different, every eye is different. That is why every patient needs complete Topo Vision laser work up. During workup patient's vision, pentacam scan, Topography with ATLAS 900 and retina check up is done. If your workup is normal, if your age is above 18, if your number is stable, If your retina is healthy then you are fit for Topo Vision.


pRSn5. topo ivzn Aqy lyisk iv`c kI AMqr huMdw hY? 

What is a difference between Topo Vision and Lasik?

topo ivjn Aqy lyisk dono hI pls, mwiens Aqy islMfr dy nMbr k`Fx leI vDIAw ielwj hn [ pr ikauik topo ivzn iv`c nMbr k`Fx dy nwl nwl kornIAw nUM p`Dr vI kIqw jWdw hY[ies leI topo ivzn iv`c rwq dI ingHw Aqy rMg dI ingHw ijAwdw vDIAw huMdI hY[ 

isMglw A`KW dy hspqwl iv`Ky topo ivzn dw Krcw bwkI hspqwlW vwg sDwrx lyisk qoN v`D hY[ ies dy kuJ kwrn hn ijvyN 

  • topo ivzn vwsqy ATLAS 900 Topo Anylyzer dI Alg mSIn lYxI pYNdI hY[ 

  • CRS Master soPtvyAr dw lwiesMs lYxw pYNdw hY[

  • ies ielwj nUM krn leI Kws tryinMg dI jrUrq pYNdI hY[ 

Both LASIK and Topo Vision are state-of-the-art techniques used to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism. There are differences between the two types of surgeries in both procedures and visual outcome.
Although LASIK has been the gold standard to eliminate the need for spectacles or contact lenses, the Topo Vision procedure gives better visual acuity and refractive outcome in the vast majority of cases. Topo Vision takes LASIK corrective surgery to a new height. Topo Vision is a computer-guided topographic mapping technique that maps microscopic contours of the cornea. The cornea is the clear front of the eye.
This procedure treats irregularities of the curvature of the cornea as well as optics. Irregularities in the curvature of the cornea are often the underlying cause of vision problems.
With Topo Vision, the contours of the cornea generated by the computer analysis are programmed into a specially designed laser used for this procedure. Thousands of points of the cornea are mapped. An individualized treatment plan is made, and the laser applies this treatment to the cornea. Because each patient’s eyes are different, no two treatment plans are alike.
The irregularities of the cornea are smoothed, and optical quality becomes so perfect so that light penetrates the eye evenly. This results in clear, sharp vision. The technique goes beyond the standard corrections of eyeglasses. Most patients see more clearly without spectacles after treatment with Topo Vision than they did with corrective lenses. There are also significantly fewer problems with glare and halos around lights. Studies show a decrease in complaints by patients about the difficulty in driving at night.
The results of Topo Vision correction are exciting. Most of the patients who had the treatment have correction better than 6/6. Also, there is less damage to tissues and faster healing. Topo Vision is also used in some instances to treat people who have had LASIK surgery and are not satisfied with the results.

Topo Vision Eye Surgery Cost at Singla Eye Hospital And Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura Punjab
As you consider your vision correction needs and confer with your doctor about what procedure will produce the vision correction that you want, the cost will inevitably be a factor in making your decision.
Topo Vision laser correction costs the second  most of all LASIK surgeries. It is, in part, because the technology is the most advanced and requires specialized equipment. However, the cost also includes the expertise and training of the ophthalmologist doing the surgery. Only a few eye specialists in India have the training and experience to do this procedure. Currently,Singla Eye Hospital And Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura is doing this surgery for past three years.  
At Singla Eye Hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, Punjab, we used most advanced  Topo Analyzer ATLAS 9000 and CRS Master planning software. For SBK LASIK Flap is made by Moria Evaluation 3 Micro Keratome Made in France and for Bladeless LASIK flap is made by Visumax Smile Laser. 

Best Hospital for Topo Vision Correction in Punjab
Best hospital for SMILE Eye Surgery in Punjab
Most Reasonable charges for SMILE eye surgery and Topo Vision compare to largest cities like New Delhi and Chandigarh.

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