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Singla Eye Hospital is best eye hospital in Punjab for Cataract eye surgery with best eye doctors.  Cataract eye surgery cost is also reasonable. MICS cataract Surgery is sub 2 mm incision is done. 

Topical Injection cataract surgery is Done. Leave your Motiyabind tensions to us.

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pRSn1. ic`tw moqIAw kI huMdw hY? 

What is a Cataract?

A`K ie`k kYmry vWg huMdI hY[ ijs qrW kYmry dw lYNz roSnI ƒ iPlm qy Poks krky Poto bxwaudw hY ausy qrW A`K dw lYNz vI A`K dy ingHw vwly prdy qy roSnI ƒ Poks krky Poto bxwaudw hY[ jdoN ieh lYNz aumr jW iksy hor kwrn ic`tw ho jwvy qW aus ƒ ic`tw moqIAw kihMdy hn[ aus hwlq iv`c DuMdly moqIey iv`coN roSnI A`K dy prdy qk nhIN phuMcdI Aqy mrIz ƒ DuMdlw idsdw hY[

Eye is like a camera. The lens of the camera focuses the light on the film of the camera to make the photo. in the same way our natural crystalline lens of the eye focuses the light on the retina to make an image. With age this natural lens becomes white and is called Cataract. It stops the light from reaching the retina and the patient is unable to see clearly. Cataract is also called Motiyabind.  






pRSn2. ic`ty moqIey dw kI ielwj huMdw hY? 

What is the treatment of Cataract?

hr ic`ty moqIey ƒ k`fn dI loV nhIN huMdI[ jy ic`tw moqIAw ingHw qy pRBwv pw irhw hovy qW aus ƒ ApRyySn nwl k`f id`qw jWdw hY Aqy aus dI QW qy nvW lYNz pw id`qw jWdw hY[

Every cataract does not need to be operated. If there is significant visual disability then the patient should get operated and the cataract should be replaced by a new lens. 

pRSn3. ic`ty moqIey dy ApRySn dI kI ivDI huMdI hY? 

What is the procedure of cataract surgery?

ic`ty moqIey dw kyvl ApRySn hI ielwj hY[ isMglw A`KW dy hspqwl ivKy dunIAw dI sB qoN AwDuink mSInw Aqy qknIk vrqI jWdI hY[

Cataract can only be treated with surgery.  SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL, Kotkapura, Punjab is equipped with World Class Diagnostic and Surgical equipments.  

1.    fwktr duAwrw A`K dI jWc krn qoN bwAd lYNz dy nMbr dI imnqI Carl Zeiss Meditec Germany dy IOL MASTER 700 nwl ikqI jWdI hY[jo sB qoN qyj Aqy drusq hY[

After Examination by the doctor the power of the lens to be implanted in calculated with world class biometer IOL MASTER 700 which is fastest and most accurate in comparison to earlier instruments measuring the IOL power. 

2.    ApRySn Aiq AwDuink Modular Operation Theatre iv`c ikqw jWdw hY jo kyvl Apollo, Fortis or Max vrgy v`fy hspqwlW iv`c huMdw hY[

The surgery is done in modular operation theatre which is normally seen in tertiary care centres like Apollo, Fortis or Max. 

3.    ApRySn leI Moller Wedel Aqy Carl Zeiss (Germany) dI ielwky dI sB qoN au`nq Microscope dI vrqo kIqI jWdI hY[

Surgery is done with the help of Moller Wedel or Carl Zeiss (Germany) Microscopes.








4.    moqIey ƒ bhuq Coty k`t iv`coN Sovereign Compact Phaco Machine (USA) nwl Kor ky k`f id`qw jWdw hY Aqy A`K iv`c lYNz pw id`qw jWdw hY[ k`t bhuq Cotw hox kwrn tWky dI loV vI nhIN pYNdI[

Surgery is done by best eye specialist Dr. Rohtas Singla using MICS Technique with cut size less than 2mm. Phaco surgery is injection less, suture less, pain less.  Best phaco machines are used. 


5.    isMglw A`KW dy hspqwl iv`Ky dUr, dUr-nyVy Aqy toirk lYNz rojwnw pwey jWdy hn[

At SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL monofocal, multifocal and toric lenses are routinely implanted.

6.    hr ApRySn dOrwn Anesthetist mOjUd huMdw hY jo mrIz dy idl dI DVkx Aqy swh Awid qy ingHw r`Kdw hY[

During every surgery an anaesthetist is present to take care of the patient. 
ApRySn qoN bwAd qurMq Cu`tI kr id`qI jWdI hY[

Patient is immediately discharge after surgery.


ApRySn dorwn mrIz dy Vital Signs (BP, Pulse, Saturation etc.) qy Kws iDAwn r`iKAw jWdw hY[ 8 imMtW dy ies ApRySn dorwn vI hr mrIz nwl Anesthetist rihMdw hY[ ieh Patient Safety leI bhuq jrUrI hY Aqy Singla Eye Hospital nUM bwkI A`KW dy hspqwlW qo au`qm bxw idMdw hY[

Cataract surgery is only takes 8 minutes and at SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL we use no injections in cataract surgery. Still we insure there is no risk to patient's life by keeping a standby Anesthetist during every surgery who keeps keen watch on patient's Vital Signs.    

lYNzW dIAW iksmW Type of Lenses 

swry lYNz ie`ko vrgy nhIN huMdy[ SQUARE EDGE, ASPHERIC AND HYDROPHOBIC MATERIAL vrgIAW KUbIAW ie`k lYNz ƒ dUjy qoN vDIAw bxwauNdIAW hn[

All lenses are not the same. Some qualities like SQUARE EDGE, ASPHERIC AND HYDROPHOBIC MATERIAL make one lens better than others.

1. Monofocal Lens - ieh lYNz kyvl dUr dI ingHw bxwauNdy hn[ nyVy dy hr km leI AYnk lgwauxI pYNdI hY[ Tecnis, Alcon AcrySof IQ sB qoN vDIAw Monofocal Lens hn[

These lenses give only distance vision for near glasses have to be used. Tecnis Monofocal, Alcon AcrySof IQ Monofocal are some examples

2. Multifocal Lens -ieh lYNz dUr Aqy nyVy dI ingHw bxwauNdy hn[ nyVy Aqy dUr dy ijAwdw qr kMmW leI AYnk lgwauxI nhIN pYNdI[ Tecnis, Alcon AcrySof IQ sB qoN vDIAw Multifocal Lens hn[

These lenses give both distance and near vision and patient does not need glasses for most of his distance and near work. Tecnis Multifocal, Alcon AcrySof IQ Multifocals are some examples.

3. Toric Lens - ieh lYNz Cylinder dy nMbrW ƒ TIk krdy hn[

These lenses are used when patient has pre existing corneal astigmatism. 


4. Extended Depth of Focus Lens- Tecnis  Eyehance Lens  ieh lYNj dUr Aqy ivcwly dI ingHw idMdw hY[ donW A`KW iv`c ies lYNz Aqy Micro Mono Vision qknIk nwl dUr, ivckwr Aqy nyVy dI Kubsurq ingHw pweI jWdI hY jo ies lYNz nUM swry lYNzw nwlo au`qm bxwaudI hY[

Tecnis Eyehance Lens gives distance and intermediate vision, When placed in both eyes with Micro Mono Vision it gives excellent distance intermediate and near vision.

ie`k sPl ApRySn iek`ly mihMgy lYNz dw nhIN blik cMgy fwktr, tryNf stwP, ivSv pDrI mSInW Aqy qknIk dw Xogdwn huMdw hY[

Success of Surgery does not depend on the quality of lens alone. It largely depends on skill of the doctor, trained staff, World class equipment and technique.

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Dr. Rohtas Singla

MS Ophthalmology

Chief Cataract Surgeon and Medical Retina Specialist

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