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SBK (Thin Flap) LASIK At

Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

Best Eye hospital at Kotkapura Punjab and Best Eye hospital in North India for all types of refractive surgeries under one roof

At Singla Eye Hospital and Laser Vision Centre SBK Lasik, Bladeless Femto Lasik, Topo Lasik and Smile eye surgery is routinely perform by best eye surgeons. 

MEL90 Excimer laser at Singla Eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, kotkapura, Punjab
moria microkeratome at Singla Eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, kotkapura, Punjab

Have any questions or Want a Free SBK Lasik workup. Just Submit your phone number or Email Address. We will get back to you.

pRSn1. SBK lyisk lyzr kI huMdI hY? 

What is a SBK Lasik Laser?

ies ielwj nwl AYnkW nUM p`ky qOr qy auqwirAw jw skdw hY[A`K dI sB qoN bwhrlI prq ie`k  pwrdrSI iJ`lI huMdI hY ijs nUM kOrnIAw kihMdy hn[kOrnIAW au`pr lyzr dIAW TMfIAW ikrnW pwky ausdI golweI bdl id`qI jWdI hY Aqy mweIns, pl`s jW islMfr dy nMbr Kqm kr id`qy jWdy hn[ lyisk lyjr dunIAW iv`c ipCly 25 swlW qoN ho rhI hY Aqy ieh dunIAw iv`c plYinMg qihq m`nuKI SrIr qy hox vwlw sB qoN pRc`ilq ApRySn hY[

SBK Lasik Laser vision treatment is an eye surgery in which specs are removed permanently. The cornea is the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber .  First a thin flap of 90 micron thickness (Approximately thickness of human hair)  is cut on top of the cornea with the help of Microkeratome (Highly sophisticated blade). Now cold laser pulses of Excimer Laser are fired on the residual bed and shape of the cornea is changed according to the specs power of the patient. 

SBK Lasik Laser is being performed for the past 25 years. It is most time tested technology which has treated more than 30 million patients worldwide. SBK Lasik can treat cylindrical, Minus and Plus numbers.  


pRSn2. kI myry SBK lyisk lyzr ho skdI hY? 

Am I a candidate of SBK Lasik Laser?

hr mrIj v`Krw hY,hr A`K v`KrI hY[ies leI hr mrIj dI ivsQwr nwl lyisk lyzr jWc kIqI jWdI hY[  Workup iv`c mrIj dI ingHw, Pentacam nwl mrIj dy kOrnIAW dw skYn Aqy prdy dI jWc kIqI jWdI hY[jy Workup iv`c qusI pws ho, quhwfI aumr 18 swl qoN a`upr hY, ipCly 6 mhIny qoN quhwfw nMbr nhIN viDAw, A`K dw prdw shI hY, A`K iv`c koeI dw jgW koeI ibmwrI nhIN hY qW qusI lyisk lyzr leI cMgy mrIj ho[

Every patient is different, every eye is different. That is why every patient needs a complete LASIK laser workup. During workup patient's vision, pentacam scan, and retina check-up is done. If your workup is normal, if your age is above 18, if your number is stable, If your retina is healthy then you are fit for Lasik Laser 

pRSn3. kI lyisk sur`iKAq hY? 

Is Lasik Safe?

jy swry tYst krn qoN bwAd lyisk kIqI jwvy qW lyisk bhuq hI sur`iKAq hY[

If the workup is normal, there are no associated risk factors then Lasik is an extremely safe procedure. 

pRSn4. lyisk ApRySn iv`c ikMnw smW lgdw hY? kI ApRySn
dOrwn drd huMdw hY?

How much time does it take for Lasik Surgery? Is Lasik surgery painful?

ikrnW pYx dw smW qw kuJ sikMtw dw hI huMdw hY pr ApRySn vwly kmry iv`c 20 qoN 25 imMt l`g
jWdy hn[dono A`KW dw ApRySn ie`kTw huMdw hY[A`K iv`c koeI tIkw nhIN lgwieAw jWdw[ qupky vwlI dvweI nwl A`K nUM suMn kIqw jWdw hY[ ApRySn qoN bwAd koeI p`tI nhIN kIqI jWdI hY[ kyvl kuJ idn kwlI AYnk lgwxI pYNdI hY[ ApRySn dOrwn koeI drd nhIN huMdw pr ApRySn qoN bwAd A`K iv`c kuJ GMty rVk rihMdI hY[

Lasik Laser surgery takes 20 to 25 minutes. It does not require any injections. It requires no bandages. You have to wear dark glasses for a few days.

Lasik Surgery is not painful however there might be some irritation in the eye for a few hours after surgery.  

pRSn5. lyisk lyzr hox qoN ikMny smyN bwAd mYnUM vDIAw nzr
Awaux l`gygw Aqy ApRySn qoN ikMny smyN bwAd mYN
Apxy kMm qy jw skdw hW jW vwhn clw skdw hW?

How many hours after surgery will i see clearly and how many hours after surgery I will be able to go to my work and drive?

nzr iv`c vwDw nwl dI nwl SUrU ho jWdw hY[Agly idn svyr q`k buhq swry mrIjW dI nzr swry
Awm kMm krn leI swP ho jWdI hY[ ApRySn vwly idn qusI frweIvr nUM nwl lYky AwE ikauNik A`K iv`c rVk huMdI hY pr Agly idn qusI Awp frweIivMg kr skdy ho[iblkul nwrml huMdy huMdy
quhwnUM pMj qoN s`q idn l`g skdy hn[ pr qYrwkI, k`bfI jW hor kntYkt KyfW qusI ie`k mhIny qoN
bwAd Kyf skdy ho[

By next day morning you will start seeing extremely clearly and the next day you can drive on your own. however, you have to precautions from water and dust for 10 days. you have to stay away from swimming and contact sports for three months.


pRSn6. ApRySn qoN bwAd mYnUM ikMnI vwrI fwktr nUM imlnw

How many time do i have to visit doctor after surgery?

Awm qor qy mrIj nUM ie`k idn, dsvyN idn, fyV mhInw Aqy 6 mihny bwAd (mrjI muqwibk)  dyiKAw jWdw hY[jrUrq muqwibk G`t jW v`D vwr bulwieAw jw skdw hY[


Generally most of the time every patient has to meet the doctor 3 times after the surgery.  

pRSn7. kI mYN ApRySn qoN pihlW kwntYkt lYNz pw skdw hW? 
Can i use contact lenses before surgery?

ikauNik kwntYkt lYNz kOrnIAw dy Awkwr nUM pRBwivq krdy hn, ies leI ApRySn qoN ie`k hPqy pihlW ienHW nUM auqwr dyxw cwhIdw hY[

You have to stop contact lenses a minimum of 7 days before surgery. 

pRSn8. ApRySn qoN ikMny idn bwAd mYN mykA`p kr skdI hW? 
After how many days i can put makeup after surgery?

ApRySn qoN 10 idn qk qusI kysI nhwaux qoN Aqy mykA`p krn qoN s^q pRhyj krnw hY[

After 10 days of SBK Lasik surgery, you can start makeup. 

pRSn9. lyisk ikMnI AYkUryt (stIk) hY? 

How accurate is Lasik?

F.D.A. (USA) dy AMkiVAW Aqy swfy qjrby Anuswr lyisk bhuq AYkUryt hY[ienswnI iBMnqw dy ADwr qy koeI 2% lokW dI nzr nUM ApRySn qoN bwAd dubwrw sYt krn dI loV pYNdI hY[ ieh koeI
(Complication) nhIN blik stYNfrf iv`DI hY Aqy ies dw koeI v`Krw Krcw mrIj nUM nhIN

According to USA F.D.A. Lasik has an accuracy rate of around 98%.  2 % of the patients may require retreatment at later date. 

pRSn10. kI lyisk lyzr ApRySn qoN bwAd AYnkW dI jrUrq

Will i need glasses after Lasik Laser surgery?

bhuqwq mrIjW iv`c lyisk lyzr ApRySn dw Asr siQr huMdw hY[mqlb ik mrIj nUM buFwpy q`k dUr dIAW AYnkW nhIN lgwauxIAW pYNdIAW[ jdoN buFwpy iv`c A`K AMdr ic`ty moqIey vrgy kudrqI
bdlwA AwaNudy hn, aus smyN AYnkW l`g jWdIAW hn[pr 40 swl dI aumr qoN bwAd hr  ienswn dy nyVy dI AYnk XkInn lgdI hY[auh quhwfy vI l`gygI cwhy qusI lyisk krvwE cwhy nw[

FDA dy AMkiVAW Anuswr 4% lyisk lyzr krvwaux vwly mrIjW dy ApRySn qoN kuJ swlW iv~c
dubwrw AYnk dw Cotw ijhw nMbr Aw skdw hY ijs nUM irgrYSn kihMdy hn[ieh nMbr dubwrw lyzr nwl auqwirAw jw skdw hY[

Yes after the age of 40 our eyes start developing a natural condition called presbyopia which means that each and every human being has reduction in near vision. so whether you undergo lasik or not you will have to wear near glasses

pRSn11. lyisk lyzr ikMny pRkwr dI huMdI hY? 

How many types of SBK Lasik Laser is Available?

sDwrn lyisk lyzr ApRySn (Conventional Lasik Laser):- ies ApRySn iv`c AYnk dw nMbr
qW l`Q jWdw hY pr rwq nUM roSnI P`tdI hY Aqy rMg vI iP`ky idsdy hn[

topo lyisk lyzr (Topo Lasik Laser):-topo lyisk qoN bwAd roSnI nhIN P`tdI, rwq nUM vyKx Aqy vwhn clwaux iv`c muSikl nhIN AwayuMdI, rMg vI iP`ky nhIN idsdy[ieh ielwj sDwrx lyisk nwlo mihMgw huMdw hY[

Now there are two variants of SBK Lasik Laser available 

1. SBK Lasik Laser- This is most simple and oldest form of Lasik Laser procedure. It gives good results. but has disadvantage of slightly poor contrast and colour vision. 

2. Topo SBK Lasik Laser- In Topolasik topo guided maps are used to make the corneal surface perfectly smooth. This produces excellent colour vision and night vision. 

isMglw A`KW dy hspqwl ivKy lyisk lyzr ivBwg iv`c kI KUbIAW hn?

  • ieh ivBwg ipCly 5 swlW qoN 100% sPl nqIjy dy irhw hY[Pentacam nwl kIqI jWdI hY[

  • MEL-90 dI vrqoN kIqI jWdI hY[

  • ielwky dy sB qoN AwDuink PrWs dy Moria SBK Micro Keratome dI vrqNo kIqI jWdI hY[

  • sB qoN m`hqvpUrx g`l ieh hY ik isMglw A`KW dw hspqwl NABH qoN mwnqw pRwpq hspqwl hY[ies hspqwl iv`c lyisk lyzr, ic`ty moqIey, ipCly prdy, plkW Aqy A`KW dy rogW dy ielwj ivSvp`DrI mwxkW qy Kry auqrdy hn[

  • hspqwl dI iemwrq, ApRySn QIeytr dy stYNfrf, mwiekroskop Aqy lyzrW, Infection Control, Patient Safety Awid au~c kotI dy hn[

  • ies ivBwg dy m`uK srjn dw hjwrW kysW dw qjrbw hY[

  • hr kys dI jWc

This is the best "eye hospital in Punjab" Which provides all types of Specs removal procedures under one roof.

In SBK Lasik we use the world's best more an evolution 3 microkeratome and world's fastest and most advance MEL90 Excimer laser made by Carl Zeiss Meditech, Germany.

What is cornea image
Microkeratome on eye making a flap
Lasik fired after lifting flap
Moria microkeratome making flap at Singla Eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, kotkapura, Punjab

Have any questions or Want a Free SBK Lasik workup. Just Submit your phone number or Email Address. We will get back to you.

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