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Glaucoma Treatment Services

AT Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

Glaucoma Treatment In Punjab

Best Glaucoma Surgeons in Punjab

Singla Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital in Punjab for Glaucoma eye surgery with the best eye doctors. Glaucoma treatment surgery cost is also reasonable. Combined Glaucoma and Cataract eye surgery is also done. 

Laser glaucoma treatment is also done

Glaucoma Treatment In Punjab

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pRSn1. kwlw moqIAw (Glaucoma) kI huMdw hY? 

kwly moqIey dI ibmwrI iv`c A`K dw AMdrlw pRYSr nwrml pRYSr nwloN v`D jWdw hY[ ijs kwrn A`K dI idmwg nUM isgnl lY ky jwx vwlI nwVI (Optic Nurve) nUM p`ky qor qy nukswn ho jWdw hY Aqy ingHw hmySw leI clI jWdI hY[

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve. It usually happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your eye. That extra fluid increases the pressure in your eye, damaging the optic nerve.

pRSn2. kwlw moqIAw ikMnI iksm dw huMdw hY?

What are the different types of Glaucoma?

kwlw moqIAw 5 qrW dw huMdw hY:

1. sDwrn kwlw moqIAw (Primary Open Angle Glaucoma)- ieh kwlw moqIAw sB qoN ijAwdw pwieAw jWdw hY[ ies hwlq iv`c A`K dw pRYSr nwrml nwlo v`D hox kwrn holI-holI A`K dI ingHw vwlI nwV nUM nukswn phuMcdw rihMdw hY Aqy ingHw holI-holI hmySw leI clI jWdI hY[

sDwrn kwly moqIey iv`c mrIj nUM iksy iksm dw koeI drd nhI huMdw Aqy ingHw bhuq smyN qk TIk rihMdI hY[ ies ibmwrI iv`c ingHw dw Gyrw holI-holI Cotw huMdw hY Aqy swiefW vwlI ingHw pihlW Kqm huMdI hY[

ikauNik mrIj dI ivckwrlI ingHw AMq qk TIk rihMdI hY, mrIj nUM ies ibmwrI dw iehsws nhIN huMdw[ jdoN mrIj iksy hor ibmwrI kwrn A`KW dy fwktr kol jWdw hY audoN ausnUM Awpxy kwly moqIey dI ibmwrI dw pqw cldw hY, pr audoN qk bhuq nukswn ho cu`kw huMdw hY[

Primary open angle glaucoma (or chronic glaucoma)-This is the most common form of glaucoma. It is also known as chronic open angle glaucoma, chronic meaning long lasting or continuous. The damage is usually caused by too much pressure within the eye (the intraocular pressure or IOP).


The reason for the rise in pressure is probably because the drainage of fluid out of the eye isn’t working as well as it should. The increased pressure damages the optic nerve (the nerve of sight) by reducing the amount of blood that can get through the tiny blood vessels that supply the nerve and also by squashing the nerve itself.

Symptoms-POAG gives no warning symptoms in its early stages. There is no pain and in many cases a person with this condition is completely unaware of the damage that has been done to their field of vision.


This is because the characteristic damage occurs in the off centre parts of the field of vision. Both eyes work together and one eye 'fills in' for the other, so that blank patches are not noticed.

2. qMg AYNgl vwlw kwlw moqIAw (Angle Closure Glaucoma)- ies hwlq A`K dw pRYSr kMtrol krn vwlw AYNgl qMg huMdw hY[ ijs kwrn A`K dw pRYSr Aksr v`Ddw rihMdw hY[ ies hwlq iv`c mrIj nUM hlkw drd jW kdy- kdy Swm nUM A`K dw Awlw duAwlw Bwrw lgdw hY[

keI vwr ieh qMg AYNgl pUrI qrW bMd ho jWdw hY Aqy A`K dw pRYSr  Acwnk bhuq ijAwdw v`D jWdw hY[ ijs kwrn mrIj dI A`K iv`c qyj drd dy nwl nwl isr drd Aqy aultI vrgw ic`q ho jWdw hY[ A`K lwl Aqy BwrI ho jWdI hY Aqy mrIj nUM rOSnI ieMdr DnuS dy s`q rMgw vWg idsdI hY[

ies hwlq iv`c kwly moqIey dw ielwj jldI qoN jldI (Emergency) nw krvwieAw jwvy qW ApRySn qoN bwAd vI ingHw vwips nhI AwauNdI [

Primary angle closure (acute) glaucoma-This is a closed angle type of glaucoma, i.e. the iris is found to be blocking the drainage of the eye through the trabecular meshwork.


It is a primary glaucoma because there is no known cause relating to another condition, although the problem itself is clearly visible and related to the depth of the drainage angle of the eye (which is narrow). It includes acute angle closure glaucoma (previously called acute glaucoma) and chronic angle closure glaucoma.


Sometimes the angle closes suddenly and completely causing sever pain and vomiting due to very high rise in Intra Ocular pressure of the eye. Patient needs admission and emergency treatment. 

3. kwlw moqIAw A`KW dIAW hor ibmwrIAW kwrn (Secondary Glaucoma)- kdy-kdy A`K dy ApRySn qoN bwAd, s`t v`jx kwrn, kuJ dvweIAW kwrn, A`K dI KUn dI nwVI P`tx kwrn, A`K dI soj Awid kwrn A`K dw pRYSr v`D jWdw hY[ A`K dy mu`Fly kwrnW nUM TIk krky pRYSr nUM TIk kr id`qw jWdw hY[ kdy kdy kwlw moqIAw jmWdrU vI huMdw hY[

ic`ty moqIey dy p`kx kwrn ic`tw moqIAw Pu`l jWdw hY Aqy A`K dw pRYSr kMtrol krn vwly AYNgl nUM bMd kr idMdw hY ijs kwrn A`K dw pRYSr Acwnk bhuq ijAdw v`D jWdw hY[ mrIj dI A`K iv`c qyj drd, lwlI dy nwl-nwl isr drd Aqy aultI vrgw ic`q  ho jWdw hY[ ic`ty moqIey dw qruMq ApRySn krnw pYNdw hY[ jykr ApRySn krn iv`c dyr ho jwvy qW ingHw iblkul Kqm ho jWdI hY Aqy drd vI pUrI qrW TIk nhIN huMdw[  

Secondary glaucoma-This kind of glaucoma can either be open angle or closed angle in nature – in other words, there are various ways in which the eye pressure rises. It has an identifiable cause, being ‘secondary’ to another condition.


Different conditions may cause secondary angle closure glaucoma.

Causes-In secondary angle closure glaucoma, The cause is normally trauma to the eye, after surgery of the eye. chronic inflammation of the eye, haemorrhage  in the eye.

4. Normal Tension Glaucoma- ieh ie`k Kws iksm dw kwlw moqIAw hY[ ijs iv`c A`K dw pRYSr TIk hox qy vI A`K dI ingHw vwlI nwV nUM nukswn phuMcdw rihMdw hY[ ies leI A`K dw pRYSr nwrml hox qy vI jykr fwktr nUM A`K dI nwV iv`c kwly moqIey dw bdlwA lgdw hY qW mrIj nUM kwly moqIey dy swry tYst krvw lYxy cwhIdy hn[

In  this type of Glaucoma typical changes of glaucoma are seen in the optic nerve but the intra ocular pressure is normal. 

5. Ocular Hypertension- ies hwlq iv`c A`K dw pRYSr ijAwdw hox dy bwvjUd vI A`K dI ingHw vwlI nwV iv`c fwktr nUM koeI bdlwA nhI idsdw[ ieh mrIj hmySw kwly moqIey dy S`k dy dwiery iv`c rihMdw hY Aqy iehnW nUM slwnw jWc krvwauNdy rihxw cwihdw hY[

In  this condition no changes of glaucoma are seen in the optic nerve but the intra ocular pressure is high. 

pRSn3. ikMnw mrIjW dy kwlw moqIAw ijAwdw huMdw hY? 

  • 40 swl dI aumr qoN bwAd

  • SUgr dy mrIj

  • dUr dI ingHw G`t hox vwly mrIj

  • ijMnw mrIjW dy prIvwr ivc kwlw moqIAw hovy

Which people are more prone to have Glaucoma?

  • People aged more than 40

  • Diabetic Patients 

  • Near Sighted patients

  • Patients with family history of glaucoma

pRSn4. kwly moqIey dI ibmwrI dw pqw iks qrW cldw hY? 

sDwrn kwly moqIey dw jldI jldI pqw lgwauxw hI iesdw ielwj hY[ 35 swl dI aumr qoN bwAd hr ie`k nUM AwpxIAW A`KW dI pUrn jWc krvwauxI cwihdI hY qW jo kwlw moqIAw hox qy ausdw ielwj kIqw jw sky[

How is glaucoma Diagnosed?

Earlier we know about glaucoma the better it is. Everybody should their eyes tested after the age of 35. Glaucoma usually diagnosed with group of tests like comprehensive eye exams, It can be detected through a eye exam by a professional ophthalmologist. If glaucoma is found then treatment should be done.

Xwd r`Ko kwly moqIey iv`c geI ingHw kdy vwips nhI AwauNdI

smyN isr jWc Aqy ielwj sB qoN jrUrI hY

pRSn5. kwly moqIey dI jWc ikMnw tYstW nwl huMdI hY? 

A`K dy pRYSr dI irkwrifMg

  • A`K dI nwV dy nukswn dI jWc

  • A`K dy AYNgl dI jWc

  • ingHw dy Gyry dI pYrIimtrI mSIn nwl imxqI

  • kornIAw dI motweI dI jWc

  • OCT mSIn nwl A`K dI nwV dw skYn

What are the tests for Glaucoma?

SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL, Kotkapura, Punjab is equipped with World Class Diagnostic and Surgical equipments for Glaucoma treatment. Which include  

  • Air Puff Tonometry 

  • Applanation Tonometry

  • Gonioscopy 

  • HFA Perimetry 

  • Pentacam Pachymetry 

  • OCT RNFL Study

pRSn.6 kwly moqIey dw kI ielwj huMdw hY? 

What is the treatment of Glaucoma?

1. dvweIAW (Medicines)- A`K iv`c pwaux vwlI dvweI dIAW bUMdw kwly moqIey dw sB qoN pihlw Aqy Awm ielwj hY[ dvweI kyvl kwly moqIey nUM kwbU iv`c r`KdI hY[ dvweI bMd krn qy nukswn dubwrw SurU ho jWdw hY[ Xwd r`Ko A`K dw pRYSr 24 GMty lgwqwr hr roj G`t rihxw cwihdw hY qW hI nwV dw nukswn nhI hovygw[


2. lyzr nwl ielwj (Laser)- qMg AYgl vwly kwly moqIey iv`c XYg lyzr bhuq hI kwmXwb qknIk hY[ lyzr dIAW ikrnW nwl bYTy ibTwey pRYSr Gtwaux vwly rsqy bxw id`qy jWdy hn[

SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL is equipped with Japanese ND Yag Laser for Yag Iridotomy for treatment of angle closure glaucoma.  

3. ApRySn (Operation)- ikMnw kwrnw krky ApRySn dI jrUrq pYNdI hY?

  • jy mrIj dvweI smyN isr Aqy FMg isr nw pw irhw hovy

  • jy mrIj nUM dvweI mwiPk nw hox 

  • jy dvweI nwl vI A`K dw pRYSr nw G`t irhw hovy

ApRSn dOrwn A`K dw pRYSr G`t krn leI nvW rsqw bxwieAw jWdw hY[ ApRySn qoN bwAd vI mrIj nUM dvweI dIAW bUMdw swrI aumr leI pwauxIAW pY skdIAW hn Aqy smyN -smyN qy jWc vI krvwauNdy rihxw cwihdw hY[​

At Singla Eye Hospital our expert eye doctors are well trained in glaucoma surgery and have been doing it for years. 

HFA Perimetry at Singla Eye Hospital, kotkapura, Punjab


qusI rotI Kwxw B`ul skdy ho

pr smyN isr dvweI dIAW bUMdW pwauxw nhI Bu`l skdy 

Get operated from one of the best Glaucoma Surgeons
Dr Rohtas Singla - MS Ophthalmology

Dr. Rohtas Singla

MS Ophthalmology

Chief Cataract Surgeon and Medical Retina Specialist

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