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Keratoconus treatment at Singla Eye Hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, Punjab

At SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL, Kotkapura, Punjab is the only centre a whole of Malwa Region to offer complete refractive services that include Smile eye surgery, Femto Bladeless Lasik, ​Topo Vision, SBK Lasik, PRK, Presbyond near vision Lasik for people over 40 years of age, refractive cataract surgery for specs removal after cataract surgery.

Apart from this singla eye hospital and laser vision centre is equipped with super-fast ACCELERATED C3R machine which takes half the surgical time compared to normal C3R machines. RGP Lenses are also available.

Accelerated C3R for keratoconus at Singla eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, Punjab
Pentacam at Singla eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, punjab

Get a Free Keratoconus Screening

If power of your glasses is changing rapidly or you have high cylindrical numbers or you can't see clearly even with glasses. Contact us for a Pentacam test.

Keratoconus treatment at Singla Eye Hospital
C3r Procedure In Punjab
RGP contact Lens at Singla eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, Punjab
Collagen protein vector.
collagen protein vector
C3R treatment for keratoconus at Singla eye hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, Punjab
How Intacs works. Vector Art
Intacs in cornea
Cornea. Keratoplasty. Illustrated.
Keratoplasty. Illustrated.

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What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an illness of both eyes in which the outer transparent layer of the eye becomes thinner. As a result of which it unable to bear the intraocular pressure and starts protruding outwards in the shape of a cone. 

Keratoconus is a potentially blinding condition. Our cornea is made of a special protein called collagen. In keratoconus, the amount of collagen in cornea decreases and the inter collagen bonds also decrease. As a result of which whole of the cornea becomes very weak. Particularly at the tip of the cone.

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What is cause of Keratoconus?

The real reason behind keratoconus is not yet known. It is believed that ocular allergy and frequent eye rubbing are the major causes of keratoconus. Recent studies has shown that keratoconus is found in one person among 2000 normal people.

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What are the sign and symptoms of Keratoconus?

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  • Defective vision

  • Frequent change in glasses

  • Best corrected vision less than 6/6

  • Diplopia 

  • Photo phobia 


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How is keratoconus diagnosed?

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Early keratoconus is very difficult to diagnose. If the patient reports of any of the symptoms of keratoconus mentioned above than eye doctor gets his corneal topography, pachymetry  and pentacam scan done. These tests tell us the amount of keratoconus and help us in planning the treatment.

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  • kMntYkt lYNj:- SurUAwqI ikrYtokons iv`c RGP Lens leI kMntYkt lYNj hI kwPI huMdy hn[ijvyN-ijvyN ikrYtokons vDdw hY kMntYkt lYNj ƒ iP`t krnw AOKw ho jWdw hY Aqy ingHw vDwaux iv`c lYNjw dy nwl Pwiedw nhIN huMdw

  • C3R:- ikrYtokons dw ie`k sPl  ielwj hY[ieh ie`k Cotw ijhw ApRySn huMdw hY ijs iv`c AltRw vwielt rOSnI Aqy ivtwimn B2 nwl kOrnIAw dy pRotIn (Collagen) dy AwpsI joVW ƒ bhuq mjbUq kr id`qw jWdw hY Aqy nvyN joV bxwey jWdy hn[ C3-R nwl kOrnIAw dI mjbUqI 300% q`k vDweI jw skdI hY[ pr C3-R Awpxy Awp iv`c ADUrw ielwj hY[ C3-R ikrYtokons ƒ vDxo pUrI qrW rok idMdw hY pr pihlW qoN hI Krwb ho cu`kI ingHw ƒ vDwaux leI kMntYkt lYNj jW AYnk dI vrqoN krnI pYNdI hY[

INTACS (Intra Stromal Ring Segment):- ies ielwj iv`c kOrnIAw dy bwhrly pwsy irMg pw id`qI jWdI hY jo ik kOrnIAW dy kon ƒ AMdr iK`c ky kOrnIAw ƒ gol kr idMdI hY[ INTACS nwl mrIz dI ingHw v`D jWdI hY Aqy kMntYkt lYNj vI iP`t krny Aswn ho jWdy hn[

  • Corneal Transplant:- jdoN ikrYtokons iehnW vD jWdw hY ik swry ielwj Pyl ho jwx aus smyN Corneal Transplant kIqw jWdw hY[ ijs iv`c mrIz dw Krwb kOrnIAw auqwr ky fonr dw cMgw kOrnIAw iP`t ik`qw jWdw hY Aqy kMntYkt lYNj jW AYnk lgw ky mrIz dI ingHw vDweI jWdI hY[ 

What is the treatment of Keratoconus?

  • Contact Lens:- Early keratoconus can be treated with RGP Lenses. however, as the keratoconus increases the tolerance to RGP Lenses decreases and in advanced keratoconus, it is very difficult to fit an RGP Lens. But as a rule, RGP Lens gives better vision than specs in keratoconus patients.

  • C3R:- C3R is a revolutionary new treatment of keratoconus where the eye is treated with ultraviolet light and vitamin B2. This increases the collagen protein inner bonds by many times. The cornea becomes 300% stronger. Keratoconus stops increasing immediately. However the loss of vision that has already occurred can not be reversed. For that patient has to wear glasses or lenses

  • INTACS (Intra Stromal Ring Segment):- These are special ring segments made of plastic that are put on side of cornea. They mechanically pull the cornea sideways and the cone inwards. In combination with C3R, they are very effective in treating keratoconus.

  • Corneal Transplant:- When the keratoconus is so advanced that all the previous mentioned treatment fail or the cornea perforates than the only treatment left is corneal Transplant


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Dr Aditya Singla, Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura

Dr. Aditya Singla

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