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Pterygium Surgery 

AT Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

Singla Eye Hospital is best eye hospital in Punjab for Pterygium eye surgery with conjunctival autograft with stitch or glue .  Pterygium eye surgery cost is also reasonable. Our eye specialist are expert in pterygium surgery with experience of over 1000's of cases . 

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pRSn1. nKunw kI huMdw hY? 

What is a Pterygium?

nKunw ie`k AsDwrn mws huMdw hY jo ik izAwdw qr A`K dy AMdrly kony qoN SurU ho ky hOlI-hOlI A`K dI iv`ckwrlI pwrdrSI iJ`lI kOrnIAw vl vDdw hY Aqy aus au~pr c`V jWdw hY[

Also called surfers disease, Pterygium is abnormal tissue that grows more commonly from the nasal corner of the eye and rarely from the temporal corner of the eye and slowly encroaches on the cornea (Central transparent glass like portion of eye). 

pRSn2. kI nKunw ie`k Awm ibmwrI hY? 

Is Pterygium a common problem?


nKunw ie`k bhuq hI Awm ibmwrI hY Aqy ieh izAwdw qr pyNfU lokW iv`c pweI jWdI hY jo swrw idn Du`py kMm krdy hn[ ieh grm ielwikAW dI ibmwrI hY ijQoN dw vwqwvrn grm, KuSk Aqy im`tI G`ty vwlw huMdw hY[

Pterygium is very common illness. often found in villagers of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. It is generally  found in people who are expose of sun light like surfers in Australia. Hence the name surfers disease.







pRSn3. nKuny kwrn kI qklI& huMdI hY? 

What problems does Pterygium cause?

ichry dI KUbsUrqI Krwb huMdI hY[ A`K iv`c lwlI rVk Aqy pwxI rihMdw hY[ ingHw ƒ nukswn huMdw hY[

Pterygium causes a major cosmetic disfigurement. The patient's eye looks red and there is always foreign body sensation. Slowly the vision start decreasing.

pRSn4. nKuny dw pqw ikvyN cldw hY? 

How is Pterygium diagnosed?

Awm qOr qy mrIz nKuny ƒ SISy iv`c dyKdw hY jW dosq-irSqydwr tok idMdy hn[ pr p`kyqOr qy kyvl A`KW dw fwktr hI d`s skdw hY ik nKunw hY jW nhIN[

Normally the patient himself sees the pterygium when he looks in the mirror or some friends or relatives  tell him about it. But exact diagnosis can only be made by an eye specialist 

pRSn5. nKuny dw kI ielwj hY?

 What is the treatment of  Pterygium?

bhuq lokW ƒ nKuny dy ielwj dI loV nhIN pYNdI pr jy nKunw lwl ho jwvy Aqy rVk kry qW A`K iv`c dvweI dIAW bUMdW pwaux nwl QoVI rwhq imldI hY[ pr ieh bUMdW nKuny dw p`kw ielwj nhIN hn[ nKuny dw p`kw ielwj kyvl ApRySn huMdw hY, ijs dI loV audoN pYNdI hY jdoN

  • A`K vyKx iv`c bhuq BYVI l`gy

  • jy bUMdW nwl rVk Aqy lwlI qoN rwhq nW imly

  • jy nKunw ieMnw v`fw ho jwvy ik ingHw a~upr p`kw nukswn hox dw fr hovy

If the pterygium is too small treatment may be postpone. If the pterygium is causing redness and foreign body sensation than lubricating eye drops give some relief but the proper treatment of pterygium is only surgical. Eye should be operated when 

  • Eye looks cosmetically very bad 

  • if lubricating eye drops dont give any relief. 

  • If the pterygium is so big that it threatens vision   

pRSn6. nKuny dy ApRySn dI kI ivDI hY? 

What is the technique  of  Pterygium surgery?

nKuny dy ApRySn leI mrIz ƒ dwKl hox dI loV nhIN pYNdI[ ApRySn A`K ƒ tIky nwl suMn krky kIqw jWdw hY[ A`K iv`coN nKunw k`t id`qw jWdw hY Aqy ausy A`K dy au~prly ih`sy iv`coN mws (grwPt) lY ky nKuny dI jVH qy gUMd jW tWky nwl lgw id`qw jWdw hY[ ieh mws ie`k kMD dw kMm krdw hY Aqy nKuny ƒ dubwrw vDx nhIN idxdw[ies ivDI ƒ Conjunctival Autograft kihMdy hn[ ApRySn qoN bwAd mrIz ƒ kuJ idn dvweI dIAW bUMdw pwauxIAW pYNdIAW hn[

At SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL AND LASER VISION CENTRE,KOTKAPURA, PUNJAB we do most advanced treatment of pterygium. Pterygium surgery with conjunctival autografting with glue or sutures. This a day procedure and patient is discharged in the evening. Surgery takes around 30 minutes. Steps of surgery

  1. Pterygium is excised. 

  2. Thin Conjunctival autograft is taken from under the upper lid

  3.  This graft is placed on site of pterygium 

  4. It is either pasted with glue or sutured 

  5. Pad and bandage is applied 

  6. Patient is sent home and called back next day for bandage removal. 

pRSn7. gUMd Aqy tWky vwly nKuny dy ielwj iv`c kI AMqr hY? 

What is difference between pterygium surgery with conjunctival autograft with glue or suture?

gUMd nwl kIqy grwPt Aqy tWky nwl kIqy grwPt iv`c kwPI AMqr hY[ gUMd nwl kIqyy grwPt iv`c mirz ƒ rVk, drd, pwxI Aqy A`K iv`c soj tWky nwl kIqy grwPt dy mukwbly bhuq G`t huMdI hY[ gUMd nwl kIqy grwPt iv`c mirz ƒ prhyz vI bhuq G`t krnw pYNdw hY[ A`K iv`c 6 qoN 8 tWky l`gy hox kwrn tWky nwl kIqy grwPt vwly mirz ƒ dsvyN idn q`k prhyz krny pYNdy hn ikNauik tWky dsvyN idn k`fy jWdy hn[

At SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL AND LASER VISION CENTRE,KOTKAPURA, PUNJAB our highly trained eye specialist are equally comfortable doing surgery with glue or sutures. But there is lots of difference between two in terms of patient comfort but long term surgical success is the same. In surgery with glue patient has very less pain, discomfort, watering and post operative swelling and he is able to do most of his works by 2 to 3 days but in surgery with sutures due to severe pain recovery takes upto 10 days. Sutures are removed after 10 days.

pRSn8. kI nKunw ApRySn qoN bwAd dubwrw vI ho skdw hY? 
Can Pterygium reoccur after successful surgery?

jI hW! purwxI qknIk dy ApRySn nwl nKuny dy dubwrw hox dI sMBwvnw 50% qoN vI v`D huMdI hY[purwxI qknIk ijs ƒ Bare Sclera Technique kihMdy hn iv`c nKunw k`t qW id`qw jWdw hY pr aus dI QW qy koeI grwPt nhIN lgwieAw jWdw[ Conjunctival Autograft with Stitch/Glue sB qoN kwmXwb qknIk hY ijs iv`c nKunw dubwrw hox dI sMBwvnw 5% qoN vI G`t huMdI hY[

Yes! Pterygium can occur if done with older techniques like Bare Sclera Technique which has the failure rate of 50% and sadly is still performed in many centres across the country. Failure rate of conjunctival autograft with stitch or glue is less than 5%. and with God's grace we have not seen a single re-occurrence in our centre in last 8 years.

pRSn9. kI nKunw ingHw qy p`kw nukswn krdw hY?

Does Pterygium surgery cause any permanent damage to the eye?

jI hW! nKunw ingHw qy p`kw nukswn krdw hY[ jy ieh v`D ky A`K dI iv`ckwrlI pwrdrSI iJ`lI kOrnIAw dy m`D iv`c phuMc jwvy Aqy puqlI ƒ F`k lvy qW ingHw p`ky qOr qy Krwb ho jWdI hY[ ies auprWq ApRySn krn qoN bwAd vI pUrI ingHw kdy nhIN bxdI[ Xwd r`Ko kOrnIAw dy ijs ih`sy au~pr nKunw phuMc jwvy, auQy ApRySn qoN bwAd vI dwg rih jWdw hY[

Yes! Pterygium permanently damages the vision. If it reaches the central visual area of the cornea than even after surgical removal there remains the white scar so vision never fully recovers.


Pterygium Surgery with conjunctival autograft with glue at Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab
Pterygium Surgery with conjunctival autograft with sutures at Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

get operated from best in the field of Pterygium Surgery with Autograft 

Dr Aditya Singla, Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura

Dr. Aditya Singla

MS Ophthalmology

Chief Refractive Surgeon

Lasik and Visumax Smile Surgeon

Fellow New Vision Laser Centre Vadodra

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