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Smile surgery poster. Singla Eye Hospital and Laser Vision Centre cares for tour vision in painless, flapless way

RELEX SMILE at  Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

Its time to get rid of your glasses with SMILE LASER EYE SURGERY 

These will be your best 30 seconds of your life

Have any questions or Want a Free Relex Smile/ Lasik workup worth Rs 2000. Just Submit your phone number or Email Address. We will get back to you.

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Safe Laser Eye SurgeryWith State Of The Art Visumax & Mel 90 SMILE Eye Surgery 

Feeling stuck in glasses. SMILE Glass sticker. Singla Eye Hospital and Laser Vision Centre, Kotkapura, Punjab

pRSn1.SMILE EYE SURGERY lyisk lyzr qoN A`lg ikvyN hY? How is SMILE different from other refractive procedures?

lyisk/ PYmto/ kMntUrw lyzr ApRySn iv`c Excimer lyzr dI vrqoN huMdI hY[jo AwpxIAw qyj ikrnW nwl kornIAw nUM swV ky ausdw Awkwr bdl idMdIAW hn[ieh krn qoN pihlW 20mm dw blyf jW PYmto lyzr nwl cIrw lgw ky PlYp cu`kxw pYNdw hY[

pr SMile Eye Surgery iv`c Excimer lyzr dI loV nhI pYNdI[ VISUMAX PYmto lyzr ibMnw cIrw lgwey Aqy ibMnw kornIAw nUM swVy nMbr auqwr idMdI hY Aqy kyvl 2mm dw Cotw ijhw surwK C`f idMdI hY ijs iv`co A`K swP kr id`qI jWdI hY[

Unlike in all other laser eye surgery procedures, the corneal tissue is not eroded using an excimer laser. ReLEx SMILE is totally laser-operated procedure that uses a proven Femto second laser technique which means it is absolutely flapless and bladeless. The basic principle of SMILE surgery is reshaping of the cornea by removal of the corneal lenticule created by femto laser through a keyhole incision whereas, in LASIK/Femto lasik/ Contura vision, the cornea is reshaped by creating a flap with an 18-20 mm incision, removing the underlying corneal tissue with laser and replacing the flap back. Hence, SMILE is the only flapless laser vision correction procedure in the world and is safer than LASIK/ femto lasik/Contura vision. Quick procedure and early recovery are among the other key advantages that SMILE has over other conventional procedures.

The three steps of Small Incision Lenticule Extraction
Step 1: Lenticule creation
Step 2: Lenticlue removal
Step 3: Impairment is corrected

pRSn2. kI myrIAW AYnkW/ kMntYkt lYNz Smile Eye Surgery qoN bwAd hmySw leI au`qr jwxgIAW ? 

Can I get rid of my spectacles/contact lenses permanently after undergoing SMILE?

hW jI Smile ie`k p`kw ielwj hY [ Smile Eye Surgery krvwaux qoN bwAd quhwfI dUr dI AYnk/kMntYkt lYNj hmySw leI au`qr jwvygI[ pr 40 swl dI aumr qoN bwAd Awm lokW vWg quhwfy vI nyVy dw nMbr Awvygw[ ies nUM Presbyopia kihMdy hn[ ieh lyisk/ PYmto lyisk jW kMtUrw ivzn krvwaux qy vI Awvygw[ 

jy qusI koeI lyzr ielwj nhI krvwauNdy qW 40 swl dI aumr qoN bwAd dUr dy nwl-nwl nyVy dI AYnk vI lgygI[

Yes. SMILE is a permanent treatment. The cornea is reshaped to its ideal shape using femtosecond laser technology, this corrects the vision forever and the patient need not wear any aid for distant vision in the future.

pRSn3. dunIAw Br iv`c ikMny lok Smile Eye Surgery krvw cu`ky hn? 

How many patients worldwide have undergone SMILE?

2019 dy srvy muqwibk 2019 dy AMq q`k 10 l`K lok Smile Eye Surgery krvw cu`ky sI[

SMILE is a smart solution offered at centers of excellence for vision across the globe. To date, more than 10 lakh eyes have been successfully treated with SMILE. The technique is based on the proven femtosecond technology, that has been in use for several years and is considered to be safe and painless. It is also US-FDA approved

pRSn4. kI Smile Eye Surgery kMntYkt lYNj pwaux vwly lokW leI su`riKAq hY? 

Is SMILE safe for people wearing contact lenses?

jI hW ieh ApRySn kMntYkt lYNj vwly lokW leI su`riKAq hY pr ApRySn qoN ie`k hPqw pihlW kMntYkt lYNj bMd krny jrUrI hn[

SMILE is an exemplary technique for correcting your vision. It is completely effective and safe for people wearing contact lenses. Although your surgeon might ask you to discontinue wearing contact lenses for a couple of days before surgery.

pRSn5. kI Smile Eye Surgery iv`c koeI drd hMudw hY? 

Is SMILE painful or does it cause any redness or hypersensitivity in eyes?

Smile Eye Surgery kuJ hI imMtw dw ApRySn hY [ ies iv`c nw koeI sUeI Aqy blyf dI vrqoN kIqI jWdI hY[ nw hI ApRySn qoN bwAd koeI lwlI jW soj huMdI hY[

SMILE is a minimally invasive and almost entirely painless method that does not involve use of needles or surgical blades. The entire procedure is laser operated and gets over in few minutes. There are mo cases of hypersensitivity or redness reported with SMILE.

pRSn6. Smile Eye Surgery iv`c ikMnw smW lgdw hYY? 

How long does SMILE procedure take?


donW A`KW au`pr kul 12 imMt lgdy hn[ iehnw Cotw ApRySn ik Agly idn pUrI ingHw ies ApRySn dIAW m`uK KwsIAqW hn  

The entire procedure gets over in less than 12 minutes for both the eys . Short duration for surgery and early recovery are amongst the many benefits that come with the advanced procedure called SMILE.

pRSn7. kI Smile Eye Surgery qNo bwAd KuSk A`KW huMdIAW hn? 

What are the chances of dry eyes?

nhI Smile Eye  Surgery qoN bwAd A`KW KuSk nhI huMdIAW[ lyisk/ PYmto lyisk Aqy kMntUrw ivzn iv`c 20 mm dw cIrw lgdw hY ijs kwrn kornIAw dIAW Sensory Nerves k`tIAW jWdIAW hn Aqy keI mhIny qk KuSk A`KW rihMdIAW hn[ ijs leI mrIj nUM kuJ mhIny qo swl qk Lubricating Eye Drops pwauxy pYNdy hn[ pr Smile Eye Surgery cIrw rihq hox kwrn Sensory Nerves nUM nukswn nhI krdI Aqy A`KW iv`c KuSkI nhI huMdI [

According to studies SMILE is less harmful and preserves most of the nerves while LASIK having a big flap (18mm) makes significant changes to the corneal nerve. Hence chances of dry eyes in the case of SMILE are lesser than in LASIK

pRSn8. kI Smile Eye Surgery qNo bwAd kwr clw ky Gr jw skdw hW?

Can I drive back home immediately after surgery?

jI nhI ApRySn qoN bwAd kuJ GMty leI quhwfI A`KW nUM roSnI BYVI lgygI Aqy ingHw DuMdlI rhygI[ qusI Agly idn qoN Driving kr skdy ho[

No. For the first few hours after surgery, your eyes will remain sensitive to light and the vision remains blurred; therefore driving is not recommendable so soon. You can start driving within a day although you might be expected to pun on UV protected sunglasses for a few days while going outdoors.

pRSn9. kI Smile Eye Surgery qNo bwAd Computer qy kMm kr skdw hW

Can I start working on my computer immediately after SMILE?

Smile Eye Surgery A`KW qy bhuq koml huMdI hY ies leI qusI ApRySn vwly idn hI Computer qy QoVw kMm kr skdy ho[ pr AsI cwhWgy ik lgwqwr Computer qy bYTx dI bjwey qusI iv`c iv`c auTdy rho Aqy AwpxIAW dvweIAW pwauNdy rho[

Unlike LASIK, SMILE is gentler to eyes, so you can start working on computers within a day of surgery. But you may need to go a bit easy for initial few days, by taking frequent breaks and using the prescribed eye drops regularly.

pRSn10. kI Smile Eye Surgery qNo bwAd kI mY A`KW qy surmW jW kzl lgw skdI hW? 

When can I start wearing eye makeup after undergoing SMILE?

jI hW ApRySn qoN ie`k hPqy bwAd qusI A`KW qy surmW jW kzl lgw skdy ho[

You can start wearing eye makeup and do beauty parlor treatments after a week’s time (after having checked with your doctor on your post-treatment visit). It is advisable to use cosmetics that you used before surgery to ensure that you are not allergic.


pRSn11. kI Smile Eye Surgery qNo bwAd kI mY A`KW dwn kr skdw hW

Am I eligible to donate my eyes after undergoing SMILE?

jI hW qusI mrn auprWq AwpxIAW A`KW dwn kr skdy ho[

Yes. SMILE is not a reason for any of the risk factor related to eye donation.

pRSn12. kI Smile Eye Surgery qNo bwAd mYN buFwpy iv`c ic`ty moqIey dw ApRySn krvw skdw hW? 

Will SMILE be an obstruction for conducting Cataract treatment in later years of life?

jI hW qusI vI Awm lokW vWg ic`ty moqIey dw ApRySn krvw skdy ho[bs ApRySn qoN pihlW qusI fwktr nUM jvwnI iv`c krvwey ApRySn bwry jrUr dsogy[

No, it is not so. However, it is good to keep your cataract doctor informed about the SMILE treatment. There is neither any hindrance to surgery nor does it affect the outcome of surgery.

pRSn13. Smile Eye Surgery dw kI ieqhws hY Aqy iesdw ivkws ikvyN hoieAw? 

History of Smile Eye Surgery – How it was  developed?


ingHw nUM TIk krn dIAW koSISW sdIAW qoN cl rhIAW hn[AYnkW dw AivSkwr 13vIN sdI iv`c  iv`c Europe hoieAw sI[kMntYkt lYNj dw AwivSkwr Switzerland iv`c 18vIN sdI iv`c hoieAw[ 1970 iv`c RK nwm dw ielwj rUs dy ie`k fwktr ny k`iFAw ijs ivc kornIAw qy bhuq swry brIk brIk cIry lgw ky AYnk dw nMbr auqwirAw jWdw sI[ieh ielwj kwmXwb sI pr A`K iv`c bhuq nukswn hox kwrn holI-holI bMd ho igAw[ 

1980 dy dhwky iv`c Excimer lyjr dw AwivSkwr hoieAw ijsny AYnk auqwrn dy ielwj iv`c krWqI ilAw id`qI 1990 dy dhwky iv`c Excimer lyjr nwl PRK nwmk ielwj krky AYnk auqwrn nUM US FDA ny mwnqw dy idqI[ pr PRK iv`c A`K iv`c drd Aqy v`fy nMbr auqwr pwaux dI qwkq nhI sI[20vI sdI dy pihly  dhwky iv`c MICROKERATOME dw AwivSkwr hoieAw MICROKERATOME nwl A`K au`pr ic`rw lgw ky Excimer laser nwl nMbr auqwirAw jwx ligAw[ ies ielwj nUM lyisk kihMdy sn[ ies iv`c Agly idn hI ingHw pUrI ho jWdI sI, drd nhI sI Aqy v`fy nMbr auqwry jw skdy sI[20vI sdI dy pihly dhwky dy AMq qk PYmto lyisk dw AwivSkwr hoieAw ijs nwl hux blyf nwl k`t mwrn dI loV nhI sI[ lyisk dw k`t hux lyzr nwl v`jx l`gw Aqy ies ielwj nUM AsI blyflYs jW PYmto lyjr kihx lgy[pr ienswn dI ingHw hor byhqr krn dI cwhq ie`Qy hI nhI rukI ies leI  dw AwivSkwr hoieAw Aqy topo ivjn, topo gwiefIf lyisk, topo lyisk kIqI jwx lgI ijs nwl rwq dI ingHw Aqy rMgdwr ingHw hor bihqr ho geI[pr hjy vI do kmIAW sqw rihAW sn pihlI PlYp (k`t) krky Awaux vwlI kornIAw dI kmjorI Aqy dUjI A`K iv`c KUSkI[

2016 iv`c AYnkW auqwrn dy ielwj iv`c ie`k nvIN krWqI AweI jdoN CARL ZIEES Meditech Germany ny VISUMAX SMILE LASER dw AwivSkwr kIqw[ Smile A`K dw ApRySn iblkul icrw rihq hY ijs kwrn ies iv`c PlYp kwrn hox vwlI kornIAw dI koeI kmjorI nhI huMdI Aqy A`K iv`c iblkul koeI KuSkI nhI huMdI[ ies iv`c ingHw dI kuAwltI lyisk, PYmto lyisk Aqy topo lyisk qoN vI bihqr huMdI hY[

kI ienswn AYnk auqwrn dI Koj iv`c hux ie`Qy hI ru`k jwvygw? ieh smW hI dsygw[  

Innovations in correcting vision have been around for centuries. Eyeglasses were made as early as the 13th century in Europe. Contact lenses were made in the late 1800s from hand-blown glass in Switzerland. Innovations in correcting refraction errors continued to be developed. In the 1970s, a Russian ophthalmologist developed radial keratotomy, a surgical procedure to treat short-sightedness. In RK, incisions are made with a diamond knife from the center of the cornea to the periphery to alter the cornea’s curvature. RK is still used today to treat certain types of astigmatism.
In the late 1980s, several ophthalmologists used excimer lasers to reshape the contours of the human eye. This technique, called Photorefractive Keratectomy, was approved in the early 1990s by the U.S. FDA. Since that time, PRK laser-assisted eye surgery has allowed more precise, longer-lasting corrections to refractive errors.
LASIK, which stands for laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis, has refined the techniques of RK and PRK. During LASIK surgery, a small flap of the cornea is raised to allow the reshaping of the underlying corneal tissues. The flap is replaced after surgery. LASIK surgery is the most common corrective refraction surgical procedure in the world used to correct astigmatism, short-sightedness, and long-sightedness.
In 1999, doctors developed wavefront analysis, which maps the errors of a patient’s eye as a whole. The data is programmed into the laser, resulting in a customized procedure with much better results. Topo Vision builds on the principle of topography, providing a precise mapping of Thousands of points of the cornea. Traditional wave-front  LASIK only maps approximately 200 points of the entire eye.

In 2016 Carl Zeiss Meditec came up with a revolutionary new concept called VISUMAX RELEX SMILE. This technique was bladeless, flapless, and painless and caused no dryness. It was the first technique that did not use an Excimer laser. It was all Femto surgery.

pRSn14. kI myry Smile Eye Surgery ho skdI hY?

Am I a candidate for Smile Eye Surgery?

hr mrIj v`Krw hY,hr A`K v`KrI hY[ies leI hr mrIj dw ivsQwr nwl Smile Eye Surgery leI cYk A`p kIqw jWdw hY[Workup iv`c mrIj dI ingHw, Pentacam nwl mrIj dy kOrnIAW dw skYn Aqy prdy dI jWc kIqI jWdI hY[jy Workup iv`c qusI pws ho, quhwfI aumr 18 swl qoN a`upr hY, ipCly 6 mhIny qoN quhwfw nMbr nhIN viDAw, A`K dw prdw shI hY, A`K iv`c koeI dwg jW koeI ibmwrI nhIN hY qW qusI Smile Eye Surgery leI cMgy mrIj ho[

Every Patient is different, every eye is different. That is why every patient needs a complete Smile Eye Surgery workup. During the workup patient's vision, pentacam scan, and retina checkup is done. If your workup is normal, if your age is above 18, if your number is stable, If your retina is healthy then you are fit for Smile Eye Surgery

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