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Squint Services

AT Singla Eye Hospital, Kotkapura, Punjab

Best Squint Surgeons in Punjab

Singla Eye Hospital is best eye hospital in Punjab for Squint eye surgery with best eye doctors.  Squint surgery cost is also reasonable. Squint Surgery is performed in both children and adults.

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pRSn1. tIr jW BYNgwpn kI huMdw hY? 

What is Squint?

jdoN ivAkqI dIAW dovyN A`KW iek`Ty ie`ko idSw iv`c nw vyKx qW aus ibmwrI ƒ tIr jW BYNgwpn kihMdy hn[ tIr hr smyN ho skdw hY[jW jdoN ivAkqI Q`ikAw hovy, ibmwr hovy jW dUr jW nyVy dI cIj v`l vyK irhw hovy[ A``K AMdr-bwhr jW au~pr nIcy ƒ tIr mwr skdI hY[

When both eyes an individual  don't look in one direction that illness is called squint or strabismus. Squint can be always present or it can appear when the person is tired, sick or looking and near or distant object such a squint is called intermittent squint.  In squint the eye can be deviated in any direction- inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards. 

pRSn2. v~ifAW iv`c tIr ikauN huMdw hY? 

Why does squint occur in adults?   

  • ADrMg - A`K dI mws-pySI ƒ isgnl dyx vwlI nwVI dw mr jwxw[ ieh Aksr Sugr Aqy bl`f pRYSr vwly mrIzW iv`c huMdw hY[

  • A`K qy s`t v`jxw 

  • Paralysis- there are six mussels that control the movement of the eye. If there is paralysis of any mussel of the eye then the eye will stop moving in the direction of action of that mussel and will start squinting in the opposite direction. This usually happens in old age due to diabetis and hypertation. 

  • Troma to the eye or head  

pRSn3. b~icAW iv`c tIr ikauN huMdw hY? 

Why does Squint occur in children?

  • ijAwdwqr tIr b`cy dy jnm qoN kuJ mhIinAW iv`c hI bx jWdw hY[ pr kuJ b`icAW iv`c tIr bxdy bxdy kuJ swl lg jWdy hn[ tIr dy kwrn - Aksr b`cy dI ie`k A`K dI nzr G`t huMdI hY[ ijs kwrx ieh kmzor A`K kuJ smyN bwAd tIr mwrx lg jWdI hY[

  • kuJ b`icAW dI donW A`KW iv`c + (Plus) dw v`fw nMbr huMdw hY[ ieh A`KW AMdr ƒ tIr mwrx lg pYNdIAW hn[

  • kuJ b`icAW dI dovyN A`KW dI nzr pUrI hox dy bwvjUd vI dovyN A`KW ƒ iek`Ty kMm krn dI Awdq nhIN pYNdI [

Mostly squint develops with in few months of the birth of the child reason being 

  • Defect of vision:- many times child has very defective vision in one eye so that eye starts squinting, 

  • Congenital Cataract:- if the child has a cataract in one eye than that eye may start squinting.    

pRSn4. tIr kwrx A`K ƒ kI nukswn huMdw hY? 

What are the problems caused by squint?

  • b`cy dI KUbsUrqI dw ^rwb hoxw[

  • susq A`K jW Amblyopia- tIr vwlI A`K dI ingHw hOlI-hOlI p`ky qOr qy G`t jWdI hY Aqy ies GtI hoeI ingHw ƒ iksy ielwj nwl nhIN vDwieAw jw skdw[

  • tIr kwrn doxw A`KW dI ie`kTy vyKx dI kwblIAq Kqm ho jWdI hY, ijs kwrx mrIz ƒ vwhn clwaux iv`c muSikl AwauNdI hY, gihrweI dw shI Anumwn vI nhIN huMdw[

  • v`ifAW iv`c tIr kwrx Aksr cIjW do do ivKweI idMdIAW hn[

  • Squint causes of cosmetic blemish

  • Amblyopia- the squinting eye slowly develops amblyopia which means that even with glasses the child is unable to read 6/6. If amblyopia is not treated before the age of 11 it causes permanent damage.

  • The child is unable to develop binocular  vision and has poor depth perception  so in later life he has difficulty in driving etc. 


pRSn5. tIr dw ielwj kdoN krwauxw cwhIdw hY? 

When should squint be treated?

b`icAW dy tIr dw ielwj ijMnI jldI ho sky krvw lYxw cwhIdw hY[ hux mYfIkl swieMs ny ieMnI pRgqI kr leI hY ik ie`k swl dy b`cy dy tIr dw ApRySn vI kr id`qw jWdw hY qW jo aus b`cy dI Binocular ingHw dw ivkws ho sky Aqy aus dI susq A`K nw bxy Aqy auh b`cw vI Awm b`icAW vWg ie`k ishqmMd ijMdgI guzwry[
dosqo purwxI mwniskqw ky “ tIr v`fy ho ky Awpy TIk ho jwvygw jW ApRySn v`fy ho ky krvw lvWgy ƒ C`fx dI sKq loV hY”


Squint should be treated as early as possible. Now a days even one year old child is taken up for squint surgery. So that he does not develop amblyopia and has good binocular vision.

The old saying that " When the child gets old squint will go away on its own" is entirely wrong.

pRSn6. tIr dw kI ielwj huMdw hY? 

What is the treatment of squint?

koeI vI ielwj krn qoN pihlW ingHw AYnk lgw ky TIk kIqI jWdI hY[ aus qoN bwAd tIr dw ApRySn kIqw jWdw hY[ Coty b`icAW ƒ ApRySn leI byhoS krnw pYNdw hY[ v`fy b`cy A`K iv`c tIkw lgvw ky ApRySn krvw lYNdy hn[ ApRySn qoN bwAd mrIz ƒ kuJ idn Awrwm krnw pYNdw hY Aqy pwxI, im`tI-G`ty qoN bcwA rKxw pYNdw hY[ tWikAW kwrx A~K iv`c kuJ idn rVk Aqy drd rihMdw hYY[ ApRySn qoN bwAd loV pYx qy susq A~K dw ielwj SurU kIqw jWdw hY[

First the child is given eye glasses and the vision is corrected. If eye glasses alone do not correct the squint than surgery is attempted. In young children surgery is done under general anaesthesia. But in older children and adults local injection is enough. After surgery bandage is applied and patient is sent home. Recovery usually takes around 10 days. During which period patient has to avoid water into the eyes and wear dark glasses. there is often mild pain and irritation which subsides with medication.

SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL AND LASER VISION CENTRE is one of the best eye care centres in Punjab for Squint surgery with one of the most experienced Pediatric ophthalmologist with years of experience. we have a dedicated team of optometrist to take care of little ones and do their complete eye examination 

pRSn1. susq A`K kI huMdI hY?

 What is Amblyopia?

b`icAW iv`c G`t ingHw hox dw sB qoN Awm kwrn hY[ susq A`K bxn dw kwrn huMdw hY - idmwg iv`c aus A`K dI ingHw vwly ih`sy dw TIk ivkws nw ho pwauxw[ 
aumr dy pihly s`q qoN A`T virHAW iv`c idmwg dy ingHw vwly kyNdr dw bVI qyjI nwl ivkws huMdw hY[ jy iksy kwrn ies dOrwn A`K dI ingHw iv`c rukwvt Aw jwvy qW idmwg aus A`K dI jgHw dUjI A`K ƒ pihl dyx lg jWdw hY[ ijs kwrn pihlI A`K dI ingHw p~ky qOr qy bYT jWdI hY Aqy auh A`K susq ho jWdI hY[ ieh swrI ikirAw ƒ ault krn leI Aqy susq A`K dI ingHw TIk krn leI ieh jrUrI hY ik idmwg ƒ susq A`K ƒ dubwrw vrqn dI tRyinMg id`qI jwvy

Amblyopia is one of the commonest reasons of uncorrected defective  vision in children. Amblyopia is defined as inability of child to read 6/6 when there is no organic lesion in the eye.

pRSn2. susq A`K ikauN bxdI hY? 

Why does amblyopia develop?   

  • ingHw dw kmjor hoxw (mwiens, pls jW isMlfr dy nMbr)[ Kws krky jdoN  ie`k A`K dI ingHw dUjI A`K dy mukwbly ijAwdw kmjor hovy audoN kmjor ingHw vwlI A`K dw susq hox vl JukwA rihMdw hY[

  • tIr jW BYNgwpn- kuJ tIr dy mrIzW dI A`K susq ho jWdI hY[ 

  • ingHw iv`c rukwvt:- jy iksy kwrn vI roSnI A~K iv`c nw phuMc sky ijvyN A`K au~pr dwg pYxw, A`K dI plk dw ifgxw jW ic`tw moqIAw bnxw[

  • Defective vision in one eye:- The visual cortex develops very fast during first few years of life. If during these developmental years there is some defect in vision in one one eye than brain starts suppressing that eye and takes signal from the other eye. Slowly the defective eye becomes permanently suppressed or amblyope. 

  • Squint:- Often the squinting eye becomes amblyope 

  • Congenital Cataract

pRSn3. susq A`K dw ielwj kI huMdw hY? 

What is the treatment of Amblyopia?

idmwg ƒ susq A`K ƒ dubwrw vrqn leI tRyinMg id`qI jwvy[ cMgI A`K dI pYicMg (Patching), (p`tI) hI susq A`K dw mu`K ielwj hY[ jdoN cMgI A`K ƒ p`tI nwl F`k id`qw jWdw hY audoN susq A`K ƒ pUrw kMm krn dw mOkw imldw hY[

We have to retrain the brain to use the amblyopic eye. First we correct any refractive error in the eyes with glasses. Now we patch  the good eye daily for six hours so that the amblyopic eye is forced to see. Patching is continued at least 1 year  to get good results.

pYicMg (p`tI) bwry jwxkwrI 

Information About Patching 

  • pYicMg idn dy kuJ GMty kIqI jWdI hY [

  • susq A`K dw ielwj ijMnI CotI aumr iv`c kIqw jwvy auhnW hI lwBkwrI huMdw hY[

  • pMj swl dI aumr qoN bwAd susq A`K TIk krnI muSkl ho jWdI hY Aqy 12 swl dI aumr qoN bwAd AsMBv[

  • pYicMg b`cy, mW bwp Aqy fwktr leI ie`k cuxOqI hY pr jy sB rl iml ky c`lx qW ielwj sMBv hY[

  • b`cy dy AYnk hr smyN l`gI hoxI cwhIdI hY[  

  • hmySw cypI vwly pYc vrqxy cwhIdy hn[ ieh pYc A~K dI Awly duAwly dI cmVI qy icMbV jWdy hn[ AYnk auqy lwaux vwly k~pVy dy pYc jW m`Qy au~pr bMnx vwly ielwsitk vwly pYc dI vrqo nhIN krnI cwhIdI ikauNik ieh pYc iF~ly huMdy hn Aqy b~cw pwisAW qoN vyKdw rihMdw hY[ ijs kwrn susq A~K dw ielwj bykwr ho jWdw hY[

  • Patching is done around six hours per day

  • Younger the child more successful the patching is. 

  • After 11 years of age amblyopia can not be treated.

  • Patching requires co-operation of child, parents and doctor for successful treatment. 

  • The child should always wear his glasses.

  •  At SINGLA EYE HOSPITAL AND LASER VISION CENTRE all the imported patches are available. 

Eye patching at Singla Eye Hospital, Fauji Road, Kotkapura

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